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Bedbug Treatments Based in Tampa, Florida

When you scratch repeatedly while in bed, it's time to contact Tampa Pest Control. Enjoy a more peaceful night's sleep with complete bedbug treatments from our company in Tampa, Florida.

What Are Bedbugs?
These bloodsuckers are attracted to your body's warmth and carbon dioxide. They hide in bed frames, cracks, crevices, furniture, mattresses, and other areas until they're ready to feed on you while you sleep. If you have a bedbug infestation, it must be treated professionally and quickly because of the bedbug's ability to rapidly multiply and migrate.
For Best Results, Complete the Checklist Below
1. Remove all blankets, comforters, sheets, and linens.
2. Take the top mattress off of the box spring, inspecting it for any rips where bedbugs might be hiding.
3. Vacuum the entire room and bed before treatment.
4. Take all dressers and night tables apart. Remove each drawer and empty its contents into a plastic bin with a lid
    or a garbage bag. Clean out your closets.
5. Clear off and take apart TV stands, bookshelves, and headboards with shelving.
6. Remove curtains in the rooms to be treated. Wash them if possible.
7. Wash all sheets with hot water while your bed is apart.
8. Vacuum couches, loveseats, and other furnishings where sightings occur.
9. Vacate with your pets for 3 hours to allow treatment to be effective.
*Treatment Success, Guarantee Availability, & Quote Accuracy Dependant on Sanitation Level in Each Treated Area
What to Expect
Following this checklist, along with sanitation and a professional treatment, produces the best results for eliminating bedbugs in your home or office. If you don't follow the checklist and treatment can't be performed, there will be an extra charge for us coming out.
Get bedbugs out of your property with our pest control service.